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Steps To Creating Residual Income Websites

1) Start a web hosting account. A good deal on hosting that we recommend is 40% off web hosting by FatCow.

2) Start an affiliate marketing "publisher" account through Commission Junction and a pay-per-click advertising account through Google AdSense.

3) Create or buy a simple reusable website template. We used and recommend Simple Website Designer.

4) Create websites dedicated and devoted to a single keyword phrase on domains of the exact key phrase. Ex: Keyword = Diet Meal Plans, Domain =

5) Advertise your site by requesting links from other websites. Web directories are a good source of links.

Samples of Active Residual Income Websites

The following links point to internal pages on the sites.
Simple Website Design
Olympia House Painting

Start On Your Own Residual Income Websites

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Learn 5 easy steps to creating websites that generate residual income. Start earning today!